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Your Favorite Channel is Here!
Hi everyone! My name is Cartoon Network and I am so happy to be here! Yes, you can talk to Nick, Disney, or the others! I hope you enjoy our shows! NOTE: CARTOON NETWORK DOES NOT BELONG TO ME. Only the pony does, same goes for other channels you see in this blog. 


Ask Curlycue-No.26

(Featuring TN)

TN: Oh come on! We can grab some burgers and pick up on chicks like CN later!-…..wAIT FORGET THAT LAST PART.

((JFC you do not know how hard i am laughing right now, thanks Valisi babbu vuv Follow her right now!))


Um, remember when I said I’d be back in 2 weeks? I lied. I’m not going to be active for this whole month, I think. Some people have been wondering, I’m actually in Puerto Rico with the rest of my family spending my vacation there. I didn’t bring my laptop nor tablet because of reasons I would rather not talk about >u> I think I MIGHT be able to have them back at the end of the month, though. But on another note, mod’s birthday is coming up really soon! august 6 So send mod a happy birthday when the time arrives! Thank you for your patience and I apologize for the inconvenience. We’ll be back soon! -Ivy Mod



oh shits about to go down

((Credit for Nessa who did the eyelashes on the first panel!))

You should’ve been prepared a long time ago!

TN: Pfft say what you want, Cadance. Or should I say, CaDON’T.

TN: Get to work now.

((Featuring Ask-Cadance))

Some fanarts I recieved from two lovely people~ And if you’re not following them, please do so now c:

1- Ask Safari Pony

2- Ask Albino Pie

Picture I made from the stream! Her name is Akemi~

CN: I don’t know man, I don’t lick myself everyday like a weirdo

So aparently, Luna is a Bagel and Celestia is a giraffe now.


((Featuring Coco Pommel))

One more question about Boomerang and I will snap.

A collab I did with my bby Quaree